Telaman Consultancies

We offer a comprehensive, bespoke service, supplying consultancy advice and auxiliary services, in regard to establishing commercial/industrial concerns, and revitalising established entities. Predominantly we have been involved in the food industry; however, skill spectrum extends well beyond that as, although all product lines have their idiosyncrasies, underlying business and production principle are always a constant. We specialise in streamlining production procedures, and installing quality assurance systems; the information design aspect required to annotate them; along with lean-thinking principle application, maximising on efficiency to reduce wastage, if not eradicate it altogether.

When you deal with Telaman Consultancies you may confidently expect the highest levels of professional competency, confidentiality and consideration: delivered on schedule, according to quote. We understand the commitment within the environment and conduct business accordingly. We look forward to meeting with you, discussing and determining requirement, then delivering on a substantial service factor.