Telaman Consultancies has always found it necessary to deal with parties from around the world, particularly with regard to sourcing quality production machinery and, to some extent, ingredients. Some of these associates, and others, have approached us expressing an interest in forming international joint ventures.

There will be an initial, 4 month, exploratory trip undertaken at the beginning of April, 2018, with the view to exploring potentials in this regard, but these already look positive. If reconnaissance confirms this, we'll be looking to register another entity in order to devote to this aspect alone.

This will also necessitate an address change in order to facilitate expansion within the growing spectrum of industry involvement. We will keep you informed with up to date information here.

The latest snippet has me in Sydney applying for visas, scheduled to leave for India on the 10th of May. A week or two after that, heading to China for another two to three weeks, then looking at a three month stint in Russia. The mail box address (under `contact') is only a reference for any hard copies, as I won't be seeing anything there till I return, and the best contact medium will be email. I will be picking up a phone when I arrive in China, so no phone contact till then.

The reason for no address is because I'll be moving into other premises on my return, see no point in renewing a lease and carrying a rent overhead on premises that no longer fulfil the purpose while I'm not going to be there, so everything's in storage. Will be letting you know how things progress, here, as I go.

Recently back from 4 and a half weeks in New Zealand, covering both islands, looking at potentials to take overseas with a number of expressions of interest. Will be leaving Australia on the 31st. and arriving in Moscow on the 1st. of September for the next leg. How long I stay there, before travelling on to China, will depend on scope of reaction.

Currently in Moscow, time predominantly spent learning the language, as nothing much happens without communication and I intend this to be the first of many trips. Building contacts and, with this in mind, attended the `Golden Autumn' Agricultural exhibition, Russia's biggest, on its 20th anniversary. Predominantly looking at the grain industry, at present, and Russia has just overtaken the U.S. as the world's largest grain producer in the last couple of years, harvesting just on 1 million tons of wheat by the first of this October, in this annual production.

I met a few people there that were peripheral to what I was chasing, but obtained some good leads, and liked what I saw on the trades front. Some good decorative bread work evident, with a full spectrum of skills from tail dough work, stencilling, to `you name it'. Lots of rye bread types in evidence, as you would expect from a country that has substantial belts of temperate and sub-temperate climate, and many jump to the conclusion of `soft' wheats, but assumption is always dangerous. Russia is the largest country in the world, with the variety in climate spectrum that goes with that; in the Sochi region, on the Black Sea, for example, there's a substantial citrus growing industry, so the potential is there for plenty of `hard', high gluten grain.

Decorative Bread
Decorative bread display one
Decorative Bread 2
Decorative Bread Display two

Recently back from a trip to China, but everything was boarded up and closed for business. I was supposed to go on to Russia again after that, but the facilities I needed to perform the preparatory work in China were simply unavailable, so I was forced to come back home with my tail between my legs. I intend to try again in a little over 12 months from now: persistence is key. Not a total loss. Being on the scene gives you a clearer idea of what can be done, so it all goes into the memory banks to make the next trip more efficient.