Training and Assessment

There's a trite hack making the rounds that goes:

What if we invest in training them, and they leave?
What if we don't, and they stay?

Which applies in some situations, but I think the best answer to all situations is Richard Branson's, Train them well enough to leave, but treat them well enough to stay. As stated elsewhere, your people are the most vital element of your business, and investing in the intellectual capital of your professional environment can only produce dividends in all aspects of it. The resultant staff satisfaction element contributes toward your end product quality, ensures your staff retention aspect and minimises, if it doesn't completely negate, retraining cost. Staff satisfaction is the best production continuity factor you have going, and any aspect that contributes to it is a good thing.

Window Washers
Training increases competency and reduces risk

People like to see themselves going somewhere, and if they experience personal progress they are much more inclined to stay where they are, recommend you as an employer and, consequently, enhance your employer brand. This has a distinct influence on promoting business momentum. If business is going well, you are always going to be looking for good people; staff that value their work environment and have a proprietary interest in it, are unwilling to incorporate the wrong people into their environment, introducing the best into it instead. The principle of referral is good for more than promoting the product line.

Telaman Consultancies is capable of assessing and designing training needs for individuals and strategies for any environment, delivering training on-line and on-site, along with having associations with other specialist subject, training bodies, to cater to any requirement imaginable, from basic ergonomic, computer work-station set-up, through confined work-space certification, to advanced change management, degree qualification. Telaman Consultancies is also capable of formulating specialist training packages for entire organisations, maintaining the programme through stages of the individual business entity's evolution, to maximise on staff and management performance potentials.