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Telaman Consultancies

ABN: 97 592 967 932

Has been in operation since 2004, and is a small, boutique consultancy that provides a comprehensive advisory service to any entity dealing in production or intending to.

David Crosswell
David Crosswell

Telaman is owned and operated by David Crosswell, New Zealand-born, and resident in Australia since the middle of 1974.

He was brought up in a mixed farming environment in the Wairarapa valley, educated at a specialist agricultural high school and an agricultural/veterinary university. He's a qualified meat inspector, pastry-chef and baker, with a wealth of experience in production through the full spectrum of the food industry, beginning with a basic lambing beat at the age of 10, then graduating through every environment from street-front caf├ęs to five star hotels and resorts over a period of some forty-five years plus.

Familiar with stock/cash balance systems, purchasing, logistics, and people management. He has put all this into effect with establishment of his own successful business entities, and a resultant two decade career in consultancy. David Crosswell has an innate ability in business situational analysis, tempered with extensive experience. He's a certified, registered trainer/assessor, with extensive technical documentation writing, instructional design, and computer systems experience, along with ever-evolving qualifications in food safety, education, and other fields.

Telaman Consultancies' modus operandi is a little different to the mainstream. The client's requirements are assessed in close consultation, then a specialist team assembled to cater to specific requirement. This brings a number of advantages: efficient methodology, no superfluous overhead, fully tailored service, being just a few. The client is involved every step of the way, and in a position to observe the entire process.